Custom Designed Laundry Room Cabinets

Image Robes specialise in custom designed laundry room cabinets, made in our factory and bringing innovative laundry renovations to homes.

The laundry is often overlooked when it comes to decoration but there is no reason why your laundry shouldn’t be a pleasant place to be. A good cupboard system can make the laundry not only more attractive but much more functional.

Image Robes offer a multitude of colours and patterns. Each has the potential to warm, lighten or lift any room. And can be used across a range of applications, including benchtops, doors, panels and more.

Storage is a key factor for a laundry, as although it is probably the tiniest room in the house, it has to hold a lot of stuff. This consists of anything to do with cleaning, as well as everything that is too dirty to live the rest of the house, and anything that should go into the garage but you haven’t been bothered to put it away. Therefore having a decent sized cupboard, as well as some storage shelves and racks is essential.


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